The brand-new gym in a big spacious are in the main building, is filled to the top with brand new equipment. The free weights area offers top notch equipment from Casall PRO with lifting stations, power racks, kettlebells, dumbbells and much more. There´s a big area for exercise routines and stretching. The cardio park offers treadmills (Matrix), rowing machines (Concept 2), weight machines (Matrix), SkiErg (Concept 2).

The spacious gym is fully air conditioned and flooded with natural daylight. In connection with the gym is a small garden to sit, relax, soak up some heat, top up the energy levels before next set.


Work out as you like it. With various options on where and how to improve your fitness and with the help of our instructors you can make the most out of your stay in Limnos.

No matter if you want to train on your own, in a group, with guidance, inside or outside - we've got you covered!

Check out our Gyms or the WOD Box and start working out.
Our Gym is staffed by professional instructors, and you can make a booking for a consultation with them to suggest will suggest the best exercises and help you create a training plan customized to your needs.


There are several areas for group training/ fitness training at Porto Myrina – powered by Playitas. There is a large outdoor platform by the ocean front, on a lawn, with a breathtaking view of the Aegean Sea. The multicourt, also outdoors, is used for large group fitness training classes. We also have a smaller area shaded by the beach, used for smaller groups. We offer outdoor group fitness classes with music and an instructor, as well as yoga and stretch classes. In addition, the multicourt is sometimes used for group fitness classes, soccer, and basketball. Groups can book the multicourt outside of scheduled hours at the sports desk. On hot or rainy days, there is a big indoor hall available for group training.

Please see further up on this page for schedules and classes. We reserve the right to make changes to the schedule.

There is an age limit of 15 years for group training with the use of training equipment, or 12 years in the company of a parent/legal guardian.


Framed with a magical sea view our outdoor gym, the WOD Box, designed for crossfit training, functional training in groups, and other forms of training, are for those who want a sheltered outdoor workout with lots of "toys" to play with. Our WOD Box is special as it is located outdoors, embraced by the warm Mediterranean air. Here we give our muscles, heart, and lungs a workout. It’s a wonderful spot if you like to give it your all. WOD means "Work out of the Day".


Indoor cycling (spinning) suits everybody whether you want to do a pulse training session on your own, or join one of our group classes. You adjust the level of resistance according to the instructions, and the classes are individually adapted whether you are a beginner or an advanced rider. Depending on the weather, our spinning classes are held indoors or outdoors. Pulse classes are done sitting down and standing up with pumping music. We have new bikes from the Danish brand BODY BIKE SMART+.

The design of the bikes is ergonomic and compatible with the BODY BIKE Indoor Cycling app which you download to your smart phone via Google Play or App Store. Add your personal settings in the app and connect to the bike via Bluetooth. The app will provide you with information on your performance, effect and pulse during your workout. All bikes are equipped with a USB port which you can use to charge your phone while you work out by using the power created by your pedal strokes; a small scale sustainabilty teqnique called SMART Charge. Don’t forget to bring your own USB charging cable.

Indoor cycling (spinning) is included in Sports Inclusive Package.

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Porto Myrina – powered by Playitas can be booked exclusively with the Nordic tour operator Apollo.